12 Everyday Updo hairstyles

We have all had those’s days where the pony tail or bun style will be the quickest and easiest hair do that will do for today. Well why not spice up you hair life with a updo for everyday where! Nice and simple, quick and easy hair styles, while maintaing a stylish, cool and different look each day! Keep reading for ideas, tips and tutorials on the latest top 12 everyday updo’s.

1) Braided Headband

This can be done with your own hair in various lenthes within minuites. Its offers a stylish twist to your typical updo hair style. It removes the front part of your hair off your face, while still giving a pretty feminin look, giving a more interesting twist to the pony tail and so easy to do!



Top Tips;

-Start with dry tangle free hair.

-Make a partning along the front of your head assuring it is the whole width of your head

-Now create a part in your hair selecting the section of hair you want to be in the headband, select approx 4cm of hair for your headband depending on how wide you would like your headband to be.

-Tie the rest of your hair up out of the way.

-You are now ready to braid your headband securing it with elastic bands.


2) Braided side bun

This style can have so many different looks while following the same principle. It’s stylish, fun and a great everyday updo for this year!

sourse- www.houseplantation.com

sourse- www.houseplantation.com

3) Vintage Curls

If you have the lenth to pull this style off, playing with the large curls can provide a stylish, looker of a hairstyle!




Top Tips-

-Washing your hair or spraying it with water, making your hair damp, will help when making your pin curls for vintage look.

-If your hair is very thick give a little time for your hair to air-dry before creating your curls.

-Use both hands to carefully roll the end of strand into a small loop. Keep rolling upwards towards the scalp, making sure the end of the strand of hair is inside the centre of the curls.

-DO NOT twist the hair.

-Use plenty of pins to secure your curls and hair spray can be used also.

-Don’t give up!


4) MilkMaid braid

A difficult looking bad hair day trick, taking minuites to acheive.


Top TIps-

-Divide your hair into two sections assuring its tangle free.

-You can use any style of braiding to braid both hair sections securing the ends with elastics.

-Pull one braid over to the opposite ear and secure with a bobby pin, repeting with the other braid.

-Use hair spray as you desire and enjoy looking fabulas!


4) Bow Hair

This unique hair style offers a


twisted bun. fish tail, massy up bun

Braided side bun. vintage curls. coachella buns/china bumps. braided lower bun. shock bun, braided head band, french twist. twisted bun, bow hair. tucked away plate. care free vibe-do whatever. tucked in bun. pinned up with bandanna. french plate. Low hair bun. Aceccerise!!

12 Everyday Updo hairstyles galleries

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