15 Exquisite DIY Box Braided Hairstyles

Skin care and particularly unique and enticing hair styles is a dream for every girl and lady. The creative hair style enhances your looks and add to the beauty and grace. It’s comparatively effortless to manage a versatile hair style. In our today’s write up we let you know the techniques that helps give a “Box” shape to your hairs. The only downside is feeble and brittle hairs, which make it difficult to arrange a Box shape. So, if you have healthy hairs, it’s perfect to give them beautiful Box Shape. Following are some Box shape designs from our 15 Exquisite DIY Box Braided Hairstyles for your convenience to adopt anyone of those.

1. Three Layered Buns


To get rid of hair around your neck, divide the hair braids into three parts at least, followed by making buns in all three divisions. This is a beautiful arrangement you can apply regardless of the occasion.

2. Semi Updo With colossal Victory Rolls


If you like a weird look, the medium Box buns are the best way to do with your hair. Commencing from semi-up, semi-down with dividing the top in two identical parts, with curving frontal shape in two divisions as well.

3. Effortless and Embellished Box Braids


This is a beautiful hair do with intonation of golden braid adornment from our 15 Exquisite DIY Box Braided Hairstyles. It will give a younger look to your hair as well. It shows your creativity and skills for doing hairs: you can add more than one color to breads to entice others.

4. Semi-Up High Pony for Big Box Braids


This is yet another effortless and beautiful hair arrangement. Commence with conventional Semi-Up appearance and then enfold few spare braids around the pony base to conceal the stretch. Its simple style needs less time to make the arrangement.

5. Twisted and Tucked Halo Updo


If you want to feel something special with your looks, go for this style from our 15 Exquisite DIY Box Braided Hairstyles. It’s also an effortless style you can arrange masterly in few tries. This fashion is always trendier globally and round the year as well.

6. Big Braided Crown


This enticing cap like round shaped hair style adds to your grace for sure. You have to split the braids into three sections, then wrap the thick strings of hair round the head, and shape it like a crown.

7. Chic Fishtail with Enticing Face-Framing


From our 15 Exquisite DIY Box Braided Hairstyles, this is another beautiful hair style that makes the difference while you’re attending a party. This is a sexy and comparatively fresh sideways hair do that help create your unforgettable image. Ensure some face-framing to add to the glow of your looks.

8. Semi-Up Bun Box Hair Style


This is rather a high bun style best suited to short ladies. Separate the braids in two sections with using different colors of each braid section. If you like, dye the hair strings in more than two colors. Make the arrangement at top of your head with light hair sideways.

9. Frontal Roll


This semi-up hair style brings a beautiful vintage looks to your appearance, particularly with the addition of bandana. The semi crown shape hair style gives you an added sense of glory and uniqueness.

10. Semi-Up Hair Style


This top hair style from our suggested 15 Exquisite DIY Box Braided Hairstyles with addition to the headband is an awesome style that needs no time to do effortlessly. This will give you a beautiful look as well. This is a side-down hair style better suited to taller ladies with round faces.

11. Chunky Semi-Up Braided Pony


Collect half of your hair braids back into a slack semi-up ponytail and commence braiding. It’s an effortless Boho-stirred shape you can arrange without investing much time. Enjoy your evening with this hair do to impress the gathering.

12. Conventional Bun


This is also an effortless hairstyle you can manage in spending quite a less time against the mirror. This half-up hairdo gives a unique look to you particularly in evening parties. Start the hairdo with high pony followed by wrapping it around the pony base.

13. Parted Low Bun


This is yet another effortless hair do that makes your looks so pretty. Arrange two sections of your hair braids a bit sideways and generate a low bun at the nap. This is another year around hairdo for all the seasons and occasions.

14. Fancy Hair Arrangement for Thin Box Braids


This is an amazing Box style which blends so fittingly only some chick rudiments into a solitary sum total. This sort of buns are effortless to manage at your will.

15. Double Tone Medium Box


This is the last but not the least from our 15 Exquisite DIY Box Braided Hairstyles. The two colored die hair braids will give you a mix of red and black glowing look to your hairdo. This arrangement helps wear your breads generously hanging and carefully brushed to the back as well.

So, I hope that our collection of 15 exquisite DIY box braided hairstyles would give you some great and cool inspiration for the up and coming events where you like to be a point of attraction for several watching eyes.

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