Gorgeous Blonde Highlights and Brown Hair Color Ideas

Highlights add color and pomp, while blondes know how to have fun. In this regard, it is always a good idea to add blonde highlights. There are numerous blonde highlight options available ranging from the large and piecey to the soft and subtle. Emerging trends in hair coloring have given trends to new blonde highlights and brown hair color ideas. These ideas bring life to one’s hair. Mixing different colors is always advisable; however, it is important to consider one’s skin tone. A person’s skin tone has to complement their hair color and highlights.

blonde and red combo hair

The blonde, red combo is an ideal blonde highlight idea for persons with lighter skin tones. Characterized by bold blonde paired with red, looks great with short cropped haircut. The blonde highlights add dimension, while the red pieces maintain a broken up appearance of the growth line. This blonde highlight technique is not easy to achieve due to the possible outcome of pairing red with blonde. In some cases the result of such a combo can be pink hair. To avoid this it is important to seek the advice of a professional hairstylist. There are a number of factors that can contribute to the pink hair phenomenon key among them type of red selected and hair porosity.


Adding brightening highlights is another trend that is rapidly catching on. The simplicity of this idea makes it look amazing on almost anyone. The softness of the highlights makes them easy to maintain. In addition, the soft blonde highlights possess a softer grow-in compared to their more chunky counterparts. This highlight technique is ideal for persons with light or medium neutral skin tone. One of the benefits of adding highlights to finer hair is that they create more volume and hold curls better.


When paired with chocolate brown, bright blonde creates quite the masterpiece. This blonde highlight idea can be paired with long curls for a jaw dropping result. Ideal with medium to dark skin tones, this blonde highlights idea makes for a stunning look. Before adopting this highlighting idea, it is recommended to consider the preferred thickness and length of the blonde pieces. The length of the blonde pieces at the back of the hair may be shorter than the length of the same at the front. The blonde pieces can be put on the top of the hair and diminish in concentration towards the hair ends.

Creamy blonde highlights

Creamy blonde highlights can be matched with rich brown lowlights to create a color combination that is both soft and eye catching. To achieve perfection with this highlight idea, it is advisable to use blonde highlights of fine or medium thickness and thick brown low lights. This highlight idea goes well with creamy or peachy skin tones. As for hair type, hairs that have a natural curl or wave and are medium to thick hold this highlight style elegantly. This highlight idea requires a number of hair products for it to maintain its hydration.

For brown hair, there are a number of color ideas available. One of the most noticeable is being a combination of honey beige lowlights and wheat blonde highlights. This works best on brown hair and keeps the look subtle, while at the same time being noticeably beautiful. A light to medium skin tone works best for this hairstyle, while hair with a darker or lighter base will do. This is one of the brown hair color ideas available for brunettes. This hair style can also be paired with long or medium length curls or waves. This is to produce an amazing look.

dark hair with highlights

Chocolate is one of the colors that work best with brown hair. Adding mocha highlights creates a beautiful hair color. The pieces of mocha highlights are spread out sporadically throughout the hair for the best result. For a multi-dimensional look, a cinnamon base with blonde highlights underneath is all that is needed. This is another brown hair color idea that produces stunning results. This color works best with light to medium skin tones. To yield the best results with this color option, hair that is two shades lighter than the base color is used. This cool color options is one of the best blonde highlights and brown color ideas of the year.



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