Bow hairstyle step by step

The key part of the bow hairstyle is straight hair. Should your locks are naturally curly, work with a straightening iron to tame your tresses. The bow hairstyle can be a cute style to the festive season, events and 1st birthdays. The design requires shoulder length hair and a hair  styling skill. In case your hair is short or thin, use artificial hair of the color to generate nice hair bow.
Bow hairstyle step by step

Step by step
Step 1 : Brush hair out and separate the head of hair you would like to use within your bow hairstyle. Use a portion of nice hair to produce a small bow or all of your hair to make a big one. Secure your hair with one of the head of hair elastics and pull taut to make a pony tail.

Step 2 : Put the second elastic two inches across the first. That one could be slightly looser as opposed to first. Hair between the two elastics will from the “knot” with the bow. Fold the pony tail over in order that the second elastic as well as the first are touching. The bulge of hair involving the elastics ought to be facing top. Secure the second elastic to the hair just behind the very first elastic close to the scalp with a bobby pin.

Step 3: Divide the pony tail into two sections of equal size. Brush your hair somewhere in the pony tail and, starting with the tips, roll it up in a tube of hair and secure hair at the elastics with bobby pin. Repeat with lack of.

Step 4: Spray the bow design with hairspray to keep it in place.

Hair bows have been spotted on celebrities everywhere. Adult bows will be more versatile than children’s, and is worn for a number of various appearances. Bow hairstyle step by step are an adjunct worn to enhance a hairstyle. There are lots of types of hair bows including the single loop, multiloop and synthetic hair bows. Hair bows are popular accessories for babies, and are affixed to headbands, hair clips and barrettes. Commonly made out of ribbon, hair bows come in several sizes, styles, and shades.

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Bow hairstyle step by step

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