How to do a braided bun?

The braided bun is actually a lot easier than it seems. It will take you less than 10 minutes to achieve this look and it can be done with hair that has not been washed.

braided hairstyles into a bun

Here are step by stepĀ how to do a braided bun:

Step 1: Comb your hair and do a side part. Your hair must be dry for this look.

Step 2 : On the sensual side of your hair, do a little braid. You can do either a French braid or European standard braid. The woman in the picture has this hairstyle with a French braid, while the woman in the video is the hairstyle with a standard braid. Fix this braid with a band.

Step 3: In the back of your head, take the top of your hair and roll it into a bun base. You can braid this if you want, but it will save time if you just roll. Attach the bun with clips or bobby pins.

Step 4: Take the bottom of your hair and make a standard braid. Once that is braided, rolled around the roller braid and secure with hairpins.

Step 5. Fold the side braid in the big bun and secure with bobby pins

Step 6: Any loose hair, as long bangs can be inserted in the bread or bent and left alone

.Step 7. Hair spray down with hairspray

You can also make two braids on the sides, one on each side for a different version of the bun.

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