How to do a braided crown?

How-to-do-a-braided-crownHow to do a braided crown? a simple hairstyle, perfect for everyday look from school to work. Every women can realize this simple and easy hair style with our hairstyle tutorials, i hope you also be able to have a wonderful crown braid in a few easy steps. The hair length is not important, you can do this hairstyle with medium length to long hair and always manages well!

How to do a braided crown step by step:

Step 1 . Comb the hair, leave out the tuft or fringe and grab a generous lock of hair from the right side of the head. Divide it into three intertwined: you need to achieve a common plait three strands.

Step 2 . Do the same on the left side. Both braids tied with invisible rubber bands.

Step 3 . Grasp the right side of the braid around the head and let it go. Clip it on the left side with a bobby pin and let the final part of the pigtail hangs like a normal strand of hair. Do the same on the opposite side, making sure not to overlap the braids but create a kind of double crown.

You have find practical advice and simple how to do a braided crown worthy of Hollywood stars: just a little ‘patience and a little’ forethought to get a truly unique result.

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