How to do a chignon?

Looking for ideas how to do a chignon? In this hair tutorial I show you how to create a chignon very chic and romantic, to be carried out on girls for important occasions.


The chignon can be created in many varieties: lateral, disheveled or the classic banana. The fact is that this type of hairstyle never goes out of fashion and always retains that sense of beauty.

Among the hairstyles collections, certainly the chignon is the most appreciated hairstyle. It is romantic yet seductive, structured but you can do even more disheveled, in short, is a real wild card for morning or evening occasions without risking being never out of place.

Today we offer a more elaborate version than the classic one, the so-called chignon . To view it certainly seems complicated and time consuming to do, but it’s very simple and can be done in just 10 minutes . Here are all the steps to get a perfect one.

1 ring or donut chignon for the color of your hair
Hairspray Strong hold
1 elastic thin hair

These are the steps to follow in order to achieve your hairstyle with a chignon:

Step 1: Brush your hair well to remove the presence of any knots and then close the lengths in a ponytail medium-high. Place the bun to bun height of the elastic fixing the tail and take a superior lock on itself.

Step 2: After that pass it on and inside the donut. Add to clump in excess another lock and repeat the same process until the entire ring lined with hair twisted tight. The last strand will instead rolled in the direction of the elastic and secured to the head with one or more hairpins.

Step 3: Secure the hair with a good hairspray (preferably polish) and the bun decorated with a ribbon or a decorated clasp.

As a result you have achieved very simple and sophisticated chignon hairstyle!

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