Dip dyed hair

The new trend for 2014 colors hair- Dip Dyed Hair & Colorful (strawberry blonde/ light brown/ dark blonde). Dip-dye is a new variant of the now classic dye but have stylistic characteristics are very different: the dip dye refers to punk and rock and outlines a fashionable hair-more outrageous and colorful. The variants of dip-dye (also sometimes referred to as the Californian highlights) are really countless: brown with blue, blonde with pink, green ash with water: in short,an explosion of color!


How do you dip-dye coloring?
Undoubtedly, given the particularities of this product, it would be better to rely on an expert hairdresser. Decolourize tips and make them perfectly in the desired color, in fact, it is not easy!. Anyway, if you want to do an experiment do-it-yourself, it is advisable to bleach a narrow band of the lower part of the hair and dye it later with the desired color.

Also, if you do not want to damage your hair, you can use hair colour chalks. On the positive side effect of dip-dye is that involving the roots of the hair, if we do not like the result,  just cut!

Style Advice
This look is suitable for those who dress so jaunty and ironic, as dictated by the fashion of the moment. However, the dip dye is also ideal when paired with a more sober look, but in this case, the style must have good taste.

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