How to dye your hair with chalk?

How to dye your hair with chalk?  Learn how to dye your hair with chalk. A cute and  trendy already in vogue for some time and in great growth! known as Hair Chalking.


What you need to dye your hair temporarily using chalk:

an old t-shirt
a spray with water
plastic gloves
a plate or a curling iron to fix
of chalk (not oil-based)

Dye your hair with chalk is very easy, follow These 5 easy Steps to dye your hair with chalk:

1) Wet your hair that you that you would like to color with colors like purple, blue, orange, By doing this you will have extra pigmented shades that can remain prolonged with you.
2) Twist your hair  using a smooth pastel such as chalks you make art with (hair chalk works well with all types of hair and color).
3) To get rid of excessive chalk, you should let the hair dry and run a brush throughout the hair.
4) It’s best to braid your hair or pin it up within a bun to avoid wasting your dresses from having stained While using the new color within your hair. Style your hair in a method exactly where it is not going to mess lots.
5) Any time you wash your hair, you should definitely use an excellent conditioner to guarantee moist and glossy hair.


1) Once dried, just get over the plate or iron to fix the chalk dust.
2) You can pick any shade you want, from yellow to pastel! Of course, the dust will be lost in time, for example if you touch them often or with the pillow, but for a night you can have the perfect hair rainbow !!
3) The rainbow hair shadows are to color the ends of the hair, using too many different colors and creating endless look.

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