Top 5 Showy – Easy Protective Styles For Natural Hair

Do you ever calculated how much time have you spent on just styling your hairs regularly? Well, I doubt if you ever counted for that but the thing I am sure about is that you won’t ever likened to go out with all your hairs in mess like an A-Bomb has been dropped on them. Luckily for Afro-American woman, their hairs still resembles their heritage of thick and dense coating which, if worked out skillfully, can represent some of the most amazing hairstyles today. So today I am going to tell you about best 5 showy & easy protective styles for natural hairs which will make you feel special in yourself.

Cute Buns Hairstyle for all Occasions


This hairstyle is effectively protective, appreciable, beautiful, and great for natural hairs. Although, cute buns will serve best on school occasions or wedding day, but you can always ensure to use this style on any occasion or normally since it looks stunningly gorgeous and beautiful. The buns are basically based on high ponytail format. To have this hairstyle you need to do the following:

  • Use a gel to moisture and make your hair shape into a ponytail.
  • After achieving a pony tail look, fix it with some rubber band.
  • Now, spread your ponytail on an even basis. Make sure it covers your head accordingly and then wrap it up into a bun shape.
  • Finally, hide all ends and protect them with bobby pins applied under the bun.

Mini-Buns Hairstyle for Short Hairs aka Cinnabun


This hairstyle is one of the charms for females whose hair length is short, but certainly they don’t need to feel shy in making hairstyles which pleased them, specially the Cinnabun. This hairdo is a perfect style if for instance you can’t afford to have traditional buns due to length shortage. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Raise your hairs on up and fix them with band to hold.
  • Now, make small sections of buns in your hairs by dividing them.
  • Carefully brush each bun, mist its ends, and roll the hair buns over your fingers and tuck the ends.
  • Finally fix it with a bobby pin.
  • Repeat the same process for all mini buns.

Classic Braided Protective Hairstyle


It is the easiest yet the prettiest amongst the best 5 showy & easy protective styles for natural hairs. The great thing about it is that you don’t need a professional for this hairstyle as you can DIY yourself quite easily for this style which will bring glamorous look to your personality. Here’s how to achieve this hairstyle:

  • Start by taking up a fraction of your hairs from the right ear and plait it with a braid. But before doing it, spray your hairs with a bit of water and apply a gel. Now starting from right as described go till you reach your left ear.
  • Make a fishtail of the remaining hairs after braiding. Take the fishtailed hairs to your left side and brush them smoothly to obtain a softer look if required.
  • Use a thin rubber band or headband to hold and protect the ends which will be visible on your hairs.
  • Finally, divide the finished fishtail hairs into 2 different sections.

The Twist Elegance


Like they say, “More twists, more interested” while this hairdo is all about bringing maximum twists to your natural hairs. A very good and protective hair style amongst the best 5 showy & easy protective styles for natural hairs, here are the ways to do it:

  • Start with creating a side-parting of the hair which should shift towards your right side of the head.
  • Over the left side for the front portion of your hair create a front twist from your ear to the line of the side parting. Twist off a two-strand flat twist away from your forehead.
  • For a while, leave the front twist as it is and fold all of your back hairs on the left side to create a pony tail.
  • You need to divide your ponytail into 3 different sections to proceed further. After that, twist your front twist into the top section of your ponytail by creating an illusion of extension of the front twist.
  • Twist 2 loose twists out of the rest of 2 sections of your ponytail.
  • Twist 2 loose twists you have just created around your extended twist, creating bun like style.
  • Fix all ends with a bobby pin with the remaining hairs as well.

The Twisted Updos


The last in my pick of best 5 showy & easy protective styles for natural hairs are the easiest twisted Updos. Twists are one of the easiest because they require not so much effort and still could be made into several hairstyles easily. They are quite protective of your hair as well as puts less stress on the hair ends. Let me tell you about an easy twisted updo which would add to your prettiness more.

  • Place two side partings that should divide your hair into 3 different rows.
  • Now divide each of these 3 rows into 4 different sections within and create twists out of them.
  • Pick 3 twists from the each row and twist them together twice.
  • Add the additional 3 twists and twist everything together accordingly.
  • Repeat the same for the rest of twists and bobby pin the nape ends.

So, these were the best 5 showy & easy protective styles for natural hairs which I believe you would like for sure. Do let us know your favorites as well in the comments.

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