How to fix dry hair?

Dry hair is fragile and requires special care. To find a soft and silky hair, here is our advice. Why your hair is dry? When the sebaceous glands of the scalp do not secrete enough sebum, hair becomes dry and brittle. They are no longer protected against external aggressions.

How to fix dry hair

Many external factors can also alter the nature of hair:

– Overuse of the hair dryer use
– Blow drying
– Stains or permanent
– Too much sun
– Seawater or pool.

Restoring dry hair

To find soft and visibly less dry hair, follow these tips that can help you:

1) Give your hair a nourishing mask every week to be applied on the lengths and leaving it in a warm towel Wash your hair once times a week with a special shampoo, both protective and nourishingUse a conditioner for dry hair after washing, by insisting on the lengths and ends
2) Rinse your hair with warm water, finishing with a rinse with vinegar water to neutralize the limestone dry hair
Always untangle your hair with a wide toothcomb to avoid breaking lengths. Also, prefer natural fiber brushes smoothes hair without attacking
3) Limit the use of hair dryer, curling iron, or straightened plates
4) Do not overdo the coloring or permanent. Choose products without ammonia
5) Protect your hair with protective oil in the summer
6) Avoid hair products that contain alcohol
7) Make cure yeast rich in B vitamins to strengthen the hair from within
8) Eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids diet, fatty fish (salmon) whole grains, oilseeds (walnuts), vegetable oils (olive or canola) are your allies.

Hair remedies for damaged hair

1. Mix 5 drops of essential oil.
2. Apply to the scalp at night at bedtime, 2 times a week.
3. Consider protecting your pillow with a towel.
4. Do your usual shampoo to fix dry and damaged hair

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How to fix dry hair

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