Full fringe hairstyles

Full fringe hairstyles  will be the absolute protagonist of this season. it is not a real news but we like to remember a look that gives a lot to all types of face, which emphasizes the eyes and lips.



There are all kinds of different fringe and each of them has its own charm. The full fringe hairstyles has the advantage of hiding a bit ‘look; parade that leaves you free your eyes for a very natural effect disheveled while the short one, you can bring smooth or slightly swollen, depending on whether you want a serious look or a look from the 50s pin-up fringe tuft, is the most simple to lead, it is easy to install and is able to give even a simple cut a touch of modernity that does not hurt.

The full fringe is often climb and moves to the side, following the natural movement of the hair. Hides slightly on one side of the face and a jaunty hairdo but at the same time glamorous, because it gives the face a touch of mystery which is not bad.

You can take a short cut to straight or asymmetrical bob, on a cutting medium length combed natural or with soft waves, or on long hair. The important thing is that the fringe is always manicured, straight and long fringe to cover the arch of the eyebrows. Never a thread out of place!

The full fringe is suitable for all and can also be used to camouflage a small defect of the face, such as a front too high or too small eyes, which in this way are very valued. E ‘is ideal if you have straight or wavy hair because it is easier to manage and does not require a lot of attention, unlike the full fringe and long that are more complicated to comb daily. If you have wavy hair also, do not forget not to overdo it with the cut because when you have them naturally tend to rise the fringe on the forehead.

To arrange a full fringe, apply a thermal protector spray on towel dried hair, then dry the hair with a hair dryer as much as possible, trying to eliminate the humidity. Shape the fringe with your fingers if you want to get a simple and natural look, or with a round brush or flat if you want to give a fringe movement, following the natural hair. A splash of hairspray on your hair and your hairstyle will be perfect for all day.

Generally full fringe hairstyles are good for any type of oval face and who has a prominent forehead, which will be reduced by the coverage of the fringe. She looks great even for those who have small eyes, because it stresses them and makes them emerge with your clean cut. Beware if you have a prominent nose: the fringe is likely to make it appear even larger.

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