Hairstyles for curly hair

Tired of not knowing what to do with your curly hair?. The curly hair often require more maintenance than straight hair to get beautiful curls and well designed to control the volume of your hair. Some are lucky to have curly hair! But with this kind of beautiful manes, the difficulty is found how to attach the hair? Because not easy to find a easy hairstyles for curly hair. Depending on the length of hair and hairstyle, the curls can create all sorts of romantic looks.


To create this hairstyles for curly hair, you will need:

A hairdryer, volumizing spray, comb, rollers and hairspray.

How to style hairstyles for curly hair

1) On washed hair, apply a generous amount of volumizing spray, then dry completely with a hairdryer.
2) Wrap each strand on rollers (separate each strand comb) to height earlobes. You do not roll? Replace them with pieces of cloth wraps. Once wrapped strand, tie a knot with the ends of the fabric.
3) Finish drying with a hair dryer, then leave to cool before removing the rollers.
4) You should especially avoid combing your: Turn upside down and model hair fingers.
5) Finish, some hairspray fix the outfit. Tip for more volume: turn upside down and spray a veil of hairspray. Allow it to dry before getting up.

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