Hairstyles for men with receding hairlines

Hairstyles for men with receding hairlines is a good idea for something that will fit in accordance with the baldness if you are not satisfied with your previous hair style, it is the right time to change, and then people near you adjust to your new look park for a while., until you get bored, and when attracting people around you and your half Maybe nicer. Most men with hairline are unsure what sort of hairstyle could be far more appropriate for them. To help make their lifestyle somewhat much easier, below we posted some the most flattering hairstyles for guys with receding hair.

best hairstyles for guys with receding hairlines

The new hairstyles for men with receding hairlines require a little bit effort but worth it; you will notice a major change for the better (you will be more confident and, therefore, more successful) in all areas. Men these days more than ever to give weight to his appearance, clothing and hairstyle to make them look nice and neat, here will give you a variety of hairstyles for men with receding hairlines.

Everyone has to get old sooner or later. Along with this uncontrolled phenomenon is the inevitable fact about the aging process, that particular stage when a man starts losing his hair. Every day when he looks in the mirror, his hair gets thinner and thinner until his hairline starts to recede despite all the herbal remedies he applies on his scalp.

The problem can be genetic and can start even in your teens. It’s hardly surprising to see men in their late twenties already bald nowadays. Then. Along with the problem of a receding hairline is the equally taxing problem of choosing the right hairstyle for you.

In hair styling, you always have to remember that balance is the essential key, especially in creating hairstyles for men with receding hairlines. A lot of factors have to be considered to produce balance such as your hairline pattern, bone structure, hair texture and face shape. With the right balance, you can still create the hairstyle that gives you the rugged masculine look most women love. You have to choose the best hairstyle based on the three different main patterns of recession illustrated below


Thinning hair is a fact you have to accept if you are a person experiencing one right now. You have to embrace it wholeheartedly instead of hiding it with a comb-over, caps, and wigs. Most often, these temporary forms of disguise end up in a hilarious, shameful and embarrassing situations. It is better to accept and learn to deal with the problem gracefully.

There are a lot of hairstyles that could still make you look gorgeous despite your receding hairline. You just have to choose the right haircut, which is appropriate for you. Perhaps you can do some experimentation at the beauty parlor or barber shop with the help of a professional beautician or barber. Unless, of course, you have lots of money to afford a hair transplant of some sort. But if not, then the best way is to look natural with your hair.

There are at least three main hairstyles illustrated below that are suitable for men with a receding hairline.(The next two images were taken from Hair Cuts For Men. (N.d.). Retrieved April 5, 2015, from

men buzz cut
The longer you grow your hair, the clearer it becomes that your hair is thinning, and your hairline is receding. One haircut remedy is to trim your hair evenly short at the same length and close to the scalp. Worn by some famous Hollywood action stars like Jason Statham, this hairstyle makes you look incredibly sexy and helps take the attention away from the receding hair problem. A short bear will also complement your look just nicely.

wayne ronneys hair
While the buzz cut works best for heads with the pronounced hairline recession, this hairstyle is just right for men with a not so bad case of this predicament. The trick is to have a close cut at the back and sides, leaving the top with a slightly messy hair pushed forward and a little pointed at the front. Some celebrities also wear this stylish look like George Clooney and Jude Law.

clean shaven hair

This is hardly a hairstyle as a clean shaven, and a bald head is literally the same, meaning no hair at all. But if hair stylists consider this a hairstyle, then it certainly is a blessing to many. In the past, men hated to go bald, but since Yul Brynner started wearing this style and looked exceedingly sexy, people started to have second thoughts. Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel at present are shining examples of how a clean shaven head can bring out the total masculinity of a person.
Incidentally, there are also some big DON’T DOs for persons with receding hairlines, as follows:

1- Don’t comb over. Just don’t.
2- Don’t apply too much hair gel. It will just reveal your scalp more.
3- Don’t grow your hair long. It will only accentuate your thinning hair.


Now you have learned that having a receding hair is not at all that bad and that with the correct style, you can be quite fashionable, debonair and distinguished. The hairstyle, therefore, that would suit you most depend on what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Ultimately, it would depend on your personal style (whether contemporary, conservative or edgy).

Remember that you project what you feel and if you are feeling great, then you will look great. If you project confidence, even if your hair is receding, then that is how people will look at you. You can be a well-groomed man by choosing the right style from the various hairstyles for men with receding hairlines previously presented and feel at your best. Looking great is a personal choice, after all, you hairline receding or not.

Hairstyles for men with receding hairlines galleries

neat-preppy-hairstyle-with-a-side-partspiky-rock-star-hairstyleslicked-back-hairstyle-for-men-with-thin-hairpreppy-men’s-hairstyle-for-a-tapered-haircutdisheveled-look-for-thin-hairsimple-yet-showy-men’s-hairstyle-for-thin-hairmen’s-hairstyle-with-a-long-quiffedgy-mens-hairstyle-for-thin-hairslick-men’s-hairstyle-for-fine-hairgelled-look-for-thin-curly-hairperfect-tapered-haircut-for-men-with-thin-hairsimple-short-mens-haircut-for-thinning-hairmens-haircut-with-a-long-quiffshort-razored-haircutcute-mens-haircut-for-thin-haircool-hairstyle-for-men-with-thinning-hairreceding-hairline-haircut-and-hairstyleshort-cut-with-an-edgy-quiffundercut-haircut-for-men-with-thin-hairclassic-mens-haircut-for-fine-hairclean shaven hairwayne ronneys hairmen buzz cutshort haircuts for guys with receding hairlineshairstyles for teenage guys with receding hairlineshairstyles for men with receding hairlineshairstyles for guys with receding hairlineshairstyles for guys with a receding hairlinehaircuts for young guys with receding hairlinesgood hairstyles for receding hairlinesgood hairstyles for guys with receding hairlinesgood haircuts for guys with receding hairlinescool hairstyles for receding hairlinecool hairstyles for guys with receding hairlinebest hairstyles for receding hairlinesbest hairstyles for guys with receding hairlinesbest haircuts for guys with receding hairlinesbest haircut for a man with receding hairline

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