17 Most likely Jessica Alba hairstyles

Jessica Alba hairstyles are unmistakable, perfect hair. The actress is known for on the red carpet, not only for its impeccable beauty, but also chic hair – such locks would proud of every girl! Jessica watching carefully and care of hair, in order to surprise the audience and fans yet another stunning way.

jessica alba hair golden globes

She loves wavy curls and does not neglect the natural flowing hair at home or on the red carpet, but secular parties prefer to visit with perfectly assembled arrangements of hair-to-hair. In recent years, more and more famous Hollywood stars make beauty-experiments, a variety of ways to make changes to their images.

jessica alba hairstyles short

Follow our guidelines to achieve Jessica Alba hairstyles at home.

jessica alba haircut 2014

– If you want to recreate the same effect as the actress, your hair should be at least of average length: a helmet over the shoulders or a short cut, in fact, does not allow you to gather your hair in a bun. In case you want to do it anyway, with a strand of fake hair in order to have the volume and length you need.

jessica alba hair updo

– For one thing, you have to brush your hair well. If your hair is wavy, you can start to make the bun. Alternatively, you should give a little ‘volume to your hair with a curling iron or doing some braid with wet hair. Dries braids with a hair dryer.

jessica alba hair care line

– Now make a low ponytail, securing it firmly to the base of the neck with an elastic band the same color as your hair. Then take the tail and gently roll it in on itself, adding a couple of hairpins at every turn to hold the bun. Leave some curls out of the way.

jessica alba hair june 2014

– When you have rolled the entire queue, the system ends of the hair under the bun and trim with one or two hairpins. The result should be soft and curled, with a few strands of hair free. As for the front, on the other hand, you simply have to gently pull back your hair and secure with the strong hold hairspray.

jessica alba hairstyle fall 2012

– If you have very long hair, include them as well in the bun, but make sure you create a massive area on the head. From the finishing touches with bobby pins to fix the locks rebels, and then re-sprayed hairspray all over the hair. She is wearing a low-cut dress or strapless, maybe asymmetrical , and a pair of earrings important : your look will be amazing.

jessica alba hair color

Jessica Alba has also decided to keep up with fashion trends and boldly cut hair, becoming the owner of a stylish haircut to shoulder. She was already and blonde, dyed hair and a dark and light colors ┬áIf you’re looking for a unique style and quick trick, all you have to do is to follow the 17 Most likely Jessica Alba hairstyles below.

17 Most likely Jessica Alba hairstyles galleries

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