Low bun hairstyle

Low bun hairstyle in simple way, a little loose bun that is so perfect. That’s what makes it look stunning! Shape the hair into a low ponytail at the nape. Use a rubber band. Roll up your ponytail and trim with multiple clips.


Low bun can look very elegant, it only needs to know how to make a low bun hairstyle.

Step 1: Comb of about 6 cm wide bangs clump and bind them with two hairpins. Relax a little finger painting lock him up at the edge of the hairline. Now you have a lock on each ear hair.

Step 2 : Pull your fingers behind your left ear toward the top of the head. Fill in the dryer on low tail behind the left ear, and then double-wrap behind the head. The remaining tail tight hairpins, and repeat with the right side.

Step 3: Connect pin tail wrapped. Make sure the left index finger and middle finger under sharp where you attach the pieces together, and wrap  2-4 cm thick tuft of hair on top and around the fingers to make a coil.

Step 4 : Now hanging the clip with your fingers and tighten hairpins. Do not attach the previously fixed reeled tail because it will collapse. Repeat this procedure with remaining hair until it is all safe.

Congratulation, You have now mastered the low bun hairstyle.

Low bun hairstyle galleries


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