Men short hairstyles

The choice of Men short hairstyles should follow the same criteria. Let’s see what the appropriate cuts according to the shape of faces.

Square face: For this deal with with broad forehead and jaw are best asymmetric cuts, with frayed, uneven and clipped wires. This will split the seriousness with the rigid tapering condition on the confront and softening the lines.

Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair for Men

Round face: To this face usually with prominent cheeks, the ideal is a cut shredded like the square face. The fringe and never can be short and laterals without bulk, with medium or triangular shreds chops.

Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair Men

Triangular Face: To face this broad forehead and narrow chin, indicated are the longer and slightly bulky wires that cover the ear.

short curly hairstyles men

Oval face: It is a harmonious face, with the upper and lower medium proportional. As is the face that suits many glasses also combines with various types of cutting hair. From short to long, just right of the shredded.

These criteria may also vary according to the type of wires, if they are thin, thick, straight, and curly. A man with a square face and short hair will certainly not well with frayed wires. These two factors must be harmonized: the face shape and the type of wire. Your hairdresser will know for sure guide you according to these men short hairstyles two criteria.

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