10 Best Prom Updos For Long Hairs

Apart from the age factor hairstyle has always been a passion for women. Young girls likes to have some top prom fashion hairstyles for their special dancing night; they use to express their personality with using their outfits, looks, with striking hairstyles. Prom hairdo is top in list when we discuss high school girls and it helps signify their personality as well with matching all other essentials such as dress, shoes, makeup and a hand bag. In today’s write up, we will discuss 10 best prom updos for long hairs that help glorify your personality. These are the latest and current hairstyles for prom nights.

10 Best Prom Updos For Long Hairs

Low Loose Prom With Curlslow-loose-curls


The very first hairdo among our 10 best prom updos for long hairs is a hairstyle that is best for those who have messy hair with natural curls. You actually do not need to stay in front of mirror for considerable time to manage the hairstyle. You can tweak your natural gestures with the help of slack pinned low buns.

Side Bun & Braid Prom Updoside-bun-braid-prom-updo


This style is meant for a wonderful reason to shower some eccentricities in your hairdo for which you normally won’t think often. Pin a matching flower with your outfit in to the side buns this way even ordinary looking bun turns into something very special that adds to the glamour of your personality.

Twist & Pin Updo for Formal Occasionstwist-pin-updo


This is a conventional hairstyle for long hair; it’s a powerful hairstyle that makes your personality very special. Its 3rd of our 10 best prom updos for long hairs. You just need to backcomb all your hair and use hair spray for your locks to stay in shape. In this style one side of your hair is likely to be lean and the other side with center part is curvy and thick. You can manage the hair with using stylish hair brooch as well.

Wavy Prom Updo Hairstyle for Long Hairwavy-prom-updo


This is another hairstyle meant for long hairs, and it is a messy one as well. It can be done with curling wand to generate sleek waves. Backcomb them for enhanced feel with desire curls, finally create a circle in the nap, and use a clip to give them an unbalanced messy look. This is an equally good hairstyle for straight and curly hair.

Elegant Twisted Fauxhawktwisted-fauxhawk


This hairdo is meant for those who want some out of the box hairstyle solution. With using this prom hairstyle you can safely keep your creed integral. What best you expect from a hairstyle that offers you “Mohawk” look with lovely and graceful twists as well? Try this one for sure among 10 best prom updos for long hairs.

Ponytail Promponytail-prom-updo


There are some who likes to wear pony instead of buns and it’s natural as everyone has its own preference. However, it’s tricky to have sporty ponytail that match the outfit along with giving a fresh and enticing look regularly. This in-fashion pony gives you a fresh look with effortless head-banging to the lively music in an evening party.

Messy Pinned Hairstylemessy-pinned-updo


Some very casual hairstyles make all the required difference on occasions. If you try at your own! Just pull your thin hair back and pinned them on various sites for support and it will give a natural look to your hairs. You need to pin them well to avoid any disorganization during the dance on the floor in an evening party.

Twisted and Looped Promtwisted-looped-prom-updo


This prom hairstyle among 10 best prom updos for long hairs helps stepping up your style. For regular school dancing hair updo this is a top hairstyle. Its bit tricky to maintain this hairstyle, but worth wearing it; as it entices your friend circle a lot in an evening outing.

Loose Low Bunloose-low-bun


The quality of prom style is that it suits all sizes and shapes along with supporting all the occasions. It saves your ears and neck from sweating from hot and humid weather as well. It’s meant to manage the long hair. It looks added glamorous with color combination of red, copper, ginger and strawberry shades.

Braided Fauxhawk prom for Long hairbraided-fauxhawk-prom-updo


This is the last from our 10 best prom updos for long hairs at least for today. It’s a cool and upbeat Fauxhawk trend for long hair. Folks who forget about crimping long ago, think about this excellent hairstyle. After giving them crimped touch split the hair in two equal braids and with supporting through pins get them forward again to produce a glamorous new look.

So, which prom hairstyle among these 10 best prom updos for long hairs would you wear tonight at your special prom?

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