Short hairstyles for curly hair

Short hairstyles for curly hair usually seem adorable. Therefore, we see several girls that have curls enjoyable. Short cuts for curly hair should be done in a way that complements the overall personality.


Short hair gives the visual lightness, besides being more practical and perfect to enjoy the summer since it does not give as much work as long hair and it is possible to enjoy the hottest season of the year quiet and beautiful all the time. Man usually like short cut, especially if the woman has a well shaped face appear more with a smaller amount of hair.


How to make short hairstyles for curly hair

To create this hairstyle trend, you will need:
A hairdryer, the mousse, comb, clips notch, high gloss lacquer.

How to style

1) On washed hair, spread the mousse, then draw a low side parting using a comb.
2) With a comb, divide the strip into several strands. Bring each strand to the rear to create ripples and secure with clips notches.
3) Completely dry your hair, then let them cool.
4) Remove the clips notches carefully. Important: Do not paint you especially, but conformed hair fingers. A simple comb ruin your false notches.
5) Finish, apply a good dose of high gloss lacquer for more hold and glamor.

In the case of curly hair , the best choice is the length of two inches below the chin. Even the short curly hair are not recommended for fine and thinning hair. Short hairstyles are favored by many women with curly hair in this year. However, there is also a good choice for those who have curly hair but want to change it. Straightening machines are each best day and have continuously satisfactory results.  Whatever the choice you make, the important thing is always to think how you will feel, because the Short hairstyles for curly hair is an important part of our personality.

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