Side bun hairstyles

The classic, yet side bun is a wedding day hairstyle that is loved by many women. It is used probably more marriages than any other site-how, and for good reason. It is very sleek looking when done correctly!


Side bun hairstyles are brand new twist on an old favorite. Instead of being tight and pristine looking, side swept bun feels lighter and affectionate.

Here’s how to get this side bun hairstyles look:

Step 1: Begin your hairstyle by doing your hair down, side ponytail.

Step2 : Then take the ends of your hair and return through just above the ponytail holder. For hair that is medium length, leave it alone and focus with a pretty hair clip or barrette.

However, if you have hair that is longer, it will look much better to put aside ponytail into a bun (perfection is not necessary, since we will still look for a nice relaxed) and Again using barrettes or pretty clips to finish the look and keep it in place. For a more romantic atmosphere, leaving a few strands of hair free fall and bend to frame your face.

You have now mastered the side bun hairstyles.

Side bun hairstyles galleries


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