Top 15 Dark Brown Glamorous Hairstyles

Among the hairs of style, in the current fashion, nothing seems to be more obdurate a trend then having literally dark brown stylish and glamorous looking hairs. We see not only the common females from everyday life sticking to this hair fashion, but celebrities are on the top as well. So what really is much amazing about dark brown hair styles? We will just be exploring this factor in the up and coming top 15 dark brown glamorous hairstyles in this article. So shall we begin? “Shall we?”

Top 15 Dark Brown Glamorous Hairstyles

Chocolate Locks with Reddish Caramel Look


If you notice deeply here, in the first of our top 15 dark brown glamorous hairstyles, you will see a nice, clean, simple, yet very attractive dark brown glamorous hair look with a chocolaty hairs and reddish type of caramel highlight. Guess what? This type of hairdo is enough to give you a great limelight in the crowd or in personal pleasurable gathering without much ado.

Cherry Red Burgundy Locks


What could be more appealing and stylish then this simple but distinctively colored hairdo for dark hairs? All you need to do is to put up a slight cherry colored highlight on a burgundy hairstyle and away you go to steal the hearts of the beholders.

Dark Brown Hairs with a Red Graze



This hairstyle seems quite familiar… Oh yes! Remember Salma Hayek giving numerous varieties to her brunette type hairdos? Well, this hairstyle resembles a much similar but a one that actually a bit reddish dark brownie in its complexion giving out a nice appeal to the overall facial features.

Dark Black Curls


How about some dark black curls with reddish glow upon them? If this picture above entices you to go for this hairstyle, all you need to do is to actually sort out the common denominator of red and black in your hairs, adding up to that if you could have the ends curly and dyed, it would be awesome!

Glow of Red Ombre on Dark Brown Hairs


For this stylish hairdo among the top 15 dark brown glamorous hairstyles, you need to have a medium layered haircut with strictly straight hairs and then an upgrade of Ombre highlights will certainly do the trick for your soft ochre tones. An added gradient flow would just be the show-stopper here.

Red Highlights on Mid-Shaft Ends


For this amazing hairstyle an auburn hair cut will become the base, and elusive reddish glow scattered in the manes will evidently give you a final touch of grace. In the end, you will feel a quite natural and unpretentious air to yourself that won’t ever makes you feel guilty of stealing the spotlight from the others in a behest manner, while you actually did it! :)

A Red Tinted Hairs with Brown Golden Manes


Do you know what snatches an onlooker’ heart more? A golden auburn locks with simple and serene facial expressions. Why not give it a reddish tinted hairstyle and see what wild fires you can spread from place to place.

Chocolaty Sunny Radiant Locks


For brownish hairs, especially dark one and short to mid-length, this hairstyle among the top 15 dark brown glamorous hairstyles brings the best solution of all! Consider dyeing your hairs and giving them a hue sensation with chocolaty color and sunny radiant glow. This should prove to be the ultimate outlook for all dark brown hairs.

Chestnut Streaks on Dark Brownish Locks


While it is a universal fact that not every color will suit to your needs and certainly you cannot adopt all of the styles out there, but you can at least have a bit of combination of all in something new and creative, no? Well actually yes! You can try having a chestnut toned hairstyle on your dark brown manes and certainly there will be present a bit of every sensation in them.

A blonde Brunette Ambition


Is anything more sexier than a burning blonde brunette? Take an example of … well … Nikki Reed, isn’t she the hottest brunette in town these days? If you notice closely in this picture above you will see that how creatively she has used her blonde brunettes with ends curling in a delicate gradient hue of golden.

Simple Color Gradient


Nothing so exquisite about this hairstyle yet it’s one of the most eye catching among the top 15 dark brown glamorous hairstyles you know because of what? Because of its simplicity and straight gradient colored hairs that are coming exclusively in a great flow. Judge yourself?

Black & White Choco Hairstyle



Frankly, this is what you call bold and beautiful indeed. Such a remarkable degree of contrast is shown in the hairstyle that it certainly makes you a very eager, lively, and attractive competitor to your surroundings.

The Glamorous Double Toned Curly Locks


Well, this hairstyle is edgy and also pretty sensually bold but certainly makes you apart from the rest of the crowd. You do achieve this hairdo by making double-toned waves in your hair dying technique and a bit of under shave will do the end. Now there, you have a hungry epatage and wild look on your face will finish off the rest of the proceedings.

Warming Red Highlights


A warm red glowing look upon the hairs serves mostly better for those woman/girls that are graced by beautiful black eyes and dark brown hairs. If you comes into that category, why not trying a hot chocolaty color with curls flanked in reddish outlook? I presume this might give you a very genial appearance indeed.

A Tender Haze


Finally, we reached at our final hairstyle among the top 15 dark brown glamorous hairstyles in this article, and we have something to make you feel a warm good-bye from our end. Well, a tender hazed blonde hairstyle is just the thing you might try at your convenience. It may or may not look supreme but let me tell you that it has been able to give a variety of sides to the famous Mariah Carey.

So, how was the ride of top 15 dark brown glamorous hairstyles? We hope that you have enjoyed it as much as we have been delighted to inform you about all these precious hairstyles to uplift your glow and make you a pretty special thing for any special occasion. Do let us know your feedback in the comments. Chao!

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