Wedge hairstyle

Trevor Sorbie, an English hairstylist created this kind of haircut in 1974 but it becomes famous only in 1976 when Dorothy, a popular ice skater, was seen wearing the wedge haircut after she won the Gold Medal in the Olympics. This was the begging for the wedge hairstyle. After that all women went to their stylists to ask about this type of haircut.


Wedge hairstyle come in many shapes, designs and styles. However, the technique used to create all hairstyles wedge varies slightly from one style to another. Mainly stylists use the same technique, with a few tweaks here and there, to cut hairstyles wedge.


Stylists fit technique, increasing or decreasing the height and the angle at which the hair is held when cutting or increasing or decreasing the length of the cut. The other steps are the same. Use a dummy head to see how the slope and length of the cut affect the wedge hairstyle before cutting or doing it to someone else.


How to style

1. Divide a line into clean up, moist hair down the center and comb the hair down on either side. Produce a vertical part on all sides with the header to the very best of the ear. Affirms The 2 entrance sections and put hair clips. Comb the hair through the crown and guiding the ears back to the top of the pinnacle and down the again in the neck.

2. Sorts a vertical area of two-inch hair again, in the middle of the head. Comb the hair on both aspect from the portion towards your ears and out from the cutting spot. Comb the very best of the middle strip down and the bottom of your pull up, and maintains the portion between the index and middle finger of your respective remaining hand within the occipital bone, the bone protruding within the again head. Slide your fingers outward at an angle of 90 levels within the head right up until you might have an inch of hair from about scalp. Shorter hair extending beyond the fingers.

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