The Heart of Hollywood Poker

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new edition of Celebrity poker. The event is both a gathering of stars and a healthy poker competition for charity. Having watched a rerun of the show while vacationing in Paris, I searched online only to find that there would be no more tournaments in the future as the cable network did not sign up for the new episodes. Having watched an exciting game of poker on TV, I decided to get some poker action myself. Being a tourist in Paris in the middle of May, Read more [...]

Magical Potter Easter Eggs

Harry Potter fans can tell you the names of all four houses at Hogwarts, the type of broom Harry rides, all the siblings of Ron, and the name of Hermione's cat. Watching the movies over and over, they have absorbed, dissected, discussed, and argued about every minute of the films. But the Prefect Badge goes to those amazing fans that locate the Easter Eggs in the movies. Easter Eggs in movies are undocumented, hidden, and non-obvious features in a movie that were placed there by the creators. According Read more [...]

TV Ratings: ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Dips, ‘New Girl’ and ‘Mindy’ Improve

Agents of SHIELD
The Biggest Loser kicked off NBC's Tuesday night with improvement, rising three-tenths of a point to a 2.1 rating among adults 18-49. The Voice, airing another two-hour episode, was off by the same measure -- pulling a 3.6 rating in the key demo. NBC took a dominant 2.9 rating with adults 18-49 and 9.7 million viewers for the night. NCIS (2.9 adults) was off just a tenth from last week's episode, while NCIS: Los Angeles (2.4 adults) dipped two-tenths of a point. Person of Interest (1.9 Read more [...]

‘the Game’ Star Caryn Ward Ross Launches ‘lipstick And Pumps’!

‘The Game’ actress Caryn Ward Ross the newlywed wife of director Craig Ross, Jr. (The Mannsfield 12) recently launched LipstickandPumps a website devoted to assisting single ladies on how to find and keep Mr. Right! “My chief aim is to infuse personal power and self-awareness into our relationships.  How you relate to yourself will directly correlate with how you relate to others.  I write from a place of truth—it’s honest and raw.  It may not be for everyone. ” ~ Caryn Read more [...]

Meet Teen Sensation Coco Jones!

Teen Sensation Coco Jones
Meet fourteen year old Coco Jones who can next be seen starring in the Disney Channel gospel original movie Let It Shine (June 2012) opposite Tyler James Williams and Trevor Jackson. Find out all about her below…   Coco plays teenage singing sensation “Roxxie”, whose music label is sponsoring a songwriting contest at a teen club. “Cyrus DeBarge” (Williams) writes a contest-winning song about his love for Roxie, but his best friend, “Kris McDuffy” (Jackson) takes all the Read more [...]

African Men Challenge Hollywood Stereotypes!

African Men Challenge Hollywood Stereotypes
It’s about time they started speaking out! The four Kenyans in this short video have a bone to pick with Hollywood about the portrayal of African men in film and television. Apparently they’re not all violent warlords.   Gabriel, Benard, Brian and Derrik (the Kenyan men in this video) wanted to make one that pokes fun at the way African men are portrayed in Hollywood films. They said, “If people believed only what they saw in movies, they would think we are all warlords Read more [...]

Meet TV One’s ‘Love Addiction’ Relationship Therapist Hasani Pettiford!

The Hollywood Official gets relationship advice from  TV One’s ‘Love Addiction’ relationship therapist Hasani Pettiford. THO: Thank you Hasani for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me about ‘Love Addiction.”  Give me a brief run down on your background. PETTIFORD: I have been a relationship expert for 14-years. I have traveled the country and parts of the world speaking on the topic of male/female interpersonal relationship, human sexuality, and self-development. Read more [...]

Can George Tillman Bring ‘miles Davis’ Biopic To Life?

Director George Tillman Jr has been enlisted to to help develop and direct the biopic Miles Davis, about the revolutionary and iconic jazz musician. Deadline reports: Producers Nick Davis Raynes and Ged Dickinson have partnered with Gregory Davis, the jazz master’s eldest son, to bring the gifted trumpeter’s career-spanning story to the screen. Miles Davis over the course of his long career continuously reinvented himself and evolved as a musician and a composer, conquering personal demons Read more [...]

Recycle, Earn, Save The Planet & Save The Economy

Recycl, Earn, Save The Planet & Save The Economy
Just about everyone knows that recycling is a necessity to cut down on wasting our limited natural resources, saves perfectly good land from becoming landfills (aka cesspools of trash and toxic materials), and is generally good for the environment.  But did you know that recycling your everyday materials affects a lot more than just our environment, including that other major organization on which our lives depend: our economy. Recycling Creates Resources Items that can be recycled become Read more [...]

Ann Marie Johnson Steps Down From Sag!

This is my last letter as SAG’s 1st vice president. For some, the end of my term as chairwoman of the largest and most prolific division of Screen Actors Guild will be a joyous day. Hopefully there will be others who won’t feel the same. Regardless, my four terms as SAG’s first vice president have been filled with some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in my professional life. [Basically is saying, y'all biatches didn't make me Prez, so I'm peacing out on y'all motherfuggaz Read more [...]